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From Kumiko panels to through-inlaid cutting boards and beyond, a lot of popular projects these days call for an abundance of consistent-dimension thin strips. Trapping those thin strips between your table saw blade and the rip fence can cause kickback. Also, tension release in the cut can cause binding and burning. It’s smarter to have the strip on the offcut side of your blade, but how do you keep the thickness consistent? Woodpeckers ThinRip Guide is the answer. The ThinRip Guide provides a perfectly safe stop on the offcut side of the blade that delivers the same sized strips over and over again as you move your fence closer to the blade.

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Consistent Results…Safe Operation

Using the ThinRip Guide is so easy. Just slide the guide into the T-track miter slot of your table saw and lock it a few inches in front of the saw blade. Set the dimension you want on the laser-engraved scale, lock your fence so your stock is just touching the bearings and make the cut. Repeat as often as needed with each strip the same size as the first. 

The ThinRip Guide is engineered to work with almost everything from portable jobsite saws up to the largest cabinet saws. If the miter slot is 3/8" x 3/4" with a T-slot, it will fit. Depending on the brand of saw you have, you can cut strips as thin as 1/32" (or less if the wood will hold together) and up to 1-1/4". 

Calibrating the scale to your saw couldn’t be simpler. Just bring the bearings up until they kiss the tooth of the saw blade and adjust the scale indicator to the nearest mark. Now you can set the dimension of your strips without having to compensate for the thickness of your saw blade. Scales for both millimeters and inches are laser engraved on the anodized aluminum body to the same tolerance we use for our Precision Woodworking Rules. 

The included wall-mountable Rack-It™ keeps your ThinRip always ready to go to work. Tools in drawers are sometimes forgotten when the right job comes around, but a tool safely hanging right in plain sight reminds you that you have a solution for the problem.

The ThinRip Guide is machined from a solid billet of top-quality aluminum. At just under 4 pounds, it’s engineered to provide solid support, and look good doing it. All other components are made from corrosion resistant materials, giving you a tool that will do its job for generations of woodworkers to come.

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Country of Manufacture United States

The guide is 5-1/8” long and 6 1/2" long when fully extended. It has a travel of 2".